The following PACIFIC scientific publications were mentioned in Physics today and Popular Science.

  • Pinzon‐Rincon; F. Lavoué; A. Mordret; P. Boué; F.Brenguier; P.Dales; Y. Ben‐Zion; F. Vernon; C. J. Bean; D. Hollis. Humming Trains in Seismology: An Opportune Source for Probing the Shallow Crust. Seismological Research Letters (2021).
  • Lavoué, O. Coutant, P. Boué, L. Pinzon‐Rincon, F.Brenguier, R. Brossier, P. Dales, M. Rezaeifar, C. J. Bean; Understanding Seismic Waves Generated by Train Traffic via Modeling: Implications for Seismic Imaging and Monitoring. Seismological Research Letters (2020).

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Railways could double as a tool for probing Earth’s shallow crust (

How trains can help scientists study what’s underground | Popular Science (


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