PACIFIC first press release

Download PACIFIC first press release: PACIFIC first press release


Download PACIFIC flyer: PACIFIC flyer

PACIFIC project presentation

Download PACIFIC project presentation: PACIFIC project presentation

PACIFIC project video

Check out the video below to learn more about the project objectives, partners and test sites in Canada and Sweden!

PACIFIC poster

Download PACIFIC poster presented at the American Geophysical Union (AGU) in Washington DC (10-14 December 2018): PACIFIC poster.

PACIFIC article in the Canadian press

PACIFIC on local Canadian TV

PACIFIC on Radio Canada

Check the radio interview in French here at “Séance d’information sur une nouvelle technique d’exploration minière”:

Passive seismic imaging for mineral exploration: the Marathon PGE-Cu deposit, Ontario, Canada

In the PACIFIC project, Sisprobe did a passive seismic survey of the Marathon PGE-Cu deposit, Ontario, Canada. Seismic velocity models help to define the geometry of the gabbroic intrusions that host the mineralisation and represent an economical and environmentally friendly exploration technique. Watch the video below !

The PACIFIC project has received funding through the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 776622. The Marathon Palladium Project is developed by Generation PGM Inc.

D1.1: Assessment of successful active seismic processing workflows

D1.2: Report on the physical properties and seismic characteristics of ores and host rocks

D1.3: Report comparing best practice in active and passive exploration methods

D1.4: Development of a physical parameter model for seismic wave simulations

D3.1: Deployment complete

D3.2: Successful extraction of body-wave data

D5.1: Environmental, Health, Safety and Risk Management Committee Charter

D5.2: Environmental and Safety Risk Database

D5.3: Annual Risk Management Report 1

D5.4: Annual Risk Management Report 2

D6.1: Report describing tests of current forms of communication

D6.2: Identification of psychological mechanisms

D6.3: Recommendations for improved communication

D7.1: Clustering plan

D7.2: Report on joint events with other research projects in the first year

D7.3: Report on joint events with other research projects in the second year

D7.5: Report on joint site experiments at Las Cruses

D8.3: Public website

D8.4: Project flyer

D8.5: PACIFIC winter school

Download D8.5: PACIFIC winter school

The environmental impact of PACIFIC: Report 1

PACIFIC develops mineral exploration techniques that have a relatively low impact on the environment. This document is an assessment of this impact, but also of the environmental footprint of all activities related to the project. PACIFIC environmental footprint is still significant because of plane travels linked to transnational meetings. Learn more about it by reading the following document!

Download PACIFIC first report on environmental impact: PACIFIC_Documents-on-impact_The-environmental-impact-of-PACIFIC-report-1

Surroundings of the Marathon deposit in Canada

Can mining make the world a greener place? December 3-4, 2020 – Download the press release

Click here to download the press release (Pdf format) announcing the online event co-organised by INFACT, PACIFIC and the NHM on December 3-4, 2020! Can mining make the world a...

PACIFIC at the SIT4ME workshop on 10-11 November 2020

Nick Arndt (Sisprobe) successfully delivered a talk on "Passive Seismic Methods for Mineral Exploration and Tailings Dam Monitoring" at the SIT4ME workshop on 10-11 November...

Could noise from drilling be used as a seismic noise source?

Two PACIFIC project partners, Sisprobe and Université Grenoble Alpes, in collaboration with the team of Richard Gloaguen of the INFACT project, started an experiment to test...

Behavioural science meets mineral exploration!

The key goal of the PACIFIC project is to develop mineral exploration methodologies that are kinder to our planet. However, the success of exploration today depends not only on...
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