The GSI and ESRI have developed guidelines for improved communications for mineral exploration projects. The guidelines are based on the scientific work undertaken as part of the PACIFIC project. This included a robust computational experiment to test the comprehension and psychological processes used in decision making – e.g. whether to oppose an exploration project or not. This was supported by and a wider baseline assessment of the populations’ understanding and support (or lack of support) for mining activities via a nationwide survey to assess the population’s attitude to, and knowledge of mining. This was an online questionnaire covering key topics such as attitudes to mining,  the perceived benefits and risks of mining, experience of mineral exploration and perceived impact, trust in relation to regulation and information sharing and demographics of the respondents.

A second experiment carried out by the ESRI Behavioural Science team tested the primacy effects of the first information accessed and how/if this changes once additional or contradictory information is available. Detailed results of this research will be published in 2022 (for more see

You can check out the document by clicking on the following link Pacific_A4_6pp_v21.pdf (

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