Members of the PACIFIC consortium will give video presentations of their work at the Marathon site the Mineral Exploration Symposium. This virtual event, organized by The European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers (EAGE), brings together the key innovators of the most advanced technologies and methods for mineral exploration in Europe, namely the representatives of European exploration companies (SMEs, industries) and professionals from academia and research institutes working on mineral exploration.

The event will focus on the recent and innovative developments in integrated exploration solutions focused on finding new deposits, benefitting from multidisciplinary and integrated approaches of advanced mineralogical, geochemical, geophysical, remote sensing, multi-dimension modelling, automation and robotisation techniques. Special attention will be given to the role that the EU is playing in sustainable supply of raw materials.

Both days are open for public participation and the event is “free admission”. Registration is nevertheless required. Go visit for more information!

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